Little Blessings

I’m just trying to find love and joy in everyday life. No, not everyday can be perfect or happy, but I still try to make it the best. Love is a choice, which is why I try my best to CHOOSE to cherish every moment. The more I try to do this, and the more intentional I am about it, the better I get!

The reason I chose this picture for my About Me, is because of that guy holding me -My wonderful husband! He is more than just a little blessing, he a is a HUGE blessing to me. Not only that, but he is also a part of my life that I can easily find love and joy in. Nonetheless, at times I have to choose to cherish him…when it is not coming easily haha! With my husband, I get to experience both unexpected joy that comes so easily, as well as moments when I have to earnestly search for the happy despite my current mood!

I hope this blog will also make you feel inspired to make the most out of your beautiful life!

A little bit about me….

1. I smile…a lot! It’s the best accessory I have 🙂
2. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for a little over 5 months now… woo hoo! We are still rockin’ at this married thing
3. My goal is to make it to Europe before my 27th birthday!
4. Speaking of birthdays… I love them! It’s my favorite excuse to celebrate a life all month long!
5. I love people…but I’m an introvert! Confusing I know. People fascinate me and I love getting to know new friends… but I definitely need alone time to recharge after!
6. Check out my posts and let’s get to know each other 🌷

XOXO~Rachel Nohre

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