A Season of Stress

The entire premise of my blog is to appreciate the little things in life. Which is something I had been striving to do most days. As of recently, I’ve learned a very important lesson that directly affects ones ability to appreciate the little things in life: Stress. Life is never perfect, and sometimes hardships are out of our control; which causes us to have insurmountable amounts of undo stress. It is during those times that it can be much more difficult to realize the small wonderful things in our lives.

Therefore, if there is any way at all that you can take a step back from your life to figure out a way to take some of that stress away… just do it? My heart goes out to anyone that cannot take away the stress in their life because it is beyond their control. However, this post is a reminder to those of us who DO have the power to do something about it. I’m talking job stress, scheduling stress, status stress, etc. Just like me, it may be time for you to decide what you really want out of life. Are these things that you’re keeping up with or chasing after really that important? 10 or 20 years from now when you look back on this present moment, how are you going to feel about your choices. Is this current job position really what you want to be doing the majority of your week? Are all of those activities you or your children are signed up for really how you want your afternoons and evenings to be scheduled out? Is that big house and all the stuff in it worth chasing after? The list could go on…

I recently had a co-worker quit, and I know a large part of it (if not all of it) was due to stress. I am beyond happy for her that she did what she needed to do- no job is worth all the stress she was carrying. Which leads me to my own life story as of presently. With this co-worker gone, my work load has increased significantly until a replacement can be found, making the balance of my life completely topple over.

I think as women especially, we feel the need to do it all, and to do it all ourselves. Why? Why not ask for help, and decide that it is okay if you don’t do it all. For me, this has caused me to ask my husband for more help around the house (heck he’s the one making the messes anyway!). It has also caused me to speak up more at work about what I can and can’t do: I’m very clear about where I need help, and where I can pick up some of the slack.

I’ve also learned to let go of certain things, and not to care what people may think. During this stressful interim, my social media journey has been put on hold. I know I have quite a few eyes on me since starting this account. Most of them are supportive and would be understanding if I quit the entire thing altogether. Therefore, this mostly has to do with my pride. I have to let go of this pride of trying to keep it all together, and I have to not care so much what people may or may not think. Pride can be the culprit to a lot of stress in our lives. I could even relate pride to my first point about asking for help. I am continuing to let go of my pride, and I am finding that it is so worth it.

Once I’ve removed the pride and asked for some help, I need to prioritize. I need to define what brings me joy, and what things are truly going to counteract this busy season. Things like relationships, reading, self-care, and simple activities like gardening are what bring me joy. These are the things that help balance out the stress of my current situation. It is so important to notice the things in our lives the “fill our buckets”. To know if something is filling your bucket, you can be sure it is happening when you notice that a certain activity makes you smile more, relax your shoulders a bit, gives you more patience, or time passes easily.

I think it’s important to continually be aware of busy seasons encroaching on our lives, and to work on ourselves during those seasons and I’m sure countless other seasons ahead. It’s good to continue to identify the stressors in our lives that we can control or at least offset. I never want to let stress run my life because eventually it will always overrun one’s life. In doing this, I know I will be able to continue to seek out the little things in life that are so important to me. I want to keep life at a slower pace so that I don’t miss out on it’s greatest gifts and littlest blessings.



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