A Trip to Charleston

Our travel itinerary for Charleston was quite full and very fun! I was given the somewhat daunting task to plan out the entire trip, and I think I nailed it. I made sure to create an itinerary that would appeal to everyone on the trip. That could be an entire blog post on its own, how to create an itinerary, but in this post I want to focus just on what we did instead. I think the best way to ensure I cover everything, is to break it down by days…

Day 1:

Seyver and his dad had a phenomenal time taking a one on one tour with Captain Geoff: owner of Charleston Charter Fishing. If anyone in your group enjoys fishing, the guys had nothing but amazing things to say about their experience! Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, Captain Geoff makes sure the trip is fun and that fish are caught.

During that time, my mother-in-law and I had a wonderful experience at The Belmont Spa. These services were a little expensive, but absolutely worth it! The setting in the hotel was beautiful, the experience of the women’s locker room and sauna were excellent, and finally the services (massage and facial) were absolutely wonderful. This was the perfect way for us to unwind and begin our vacation!

Our next adventure was later that afternoon at the Charleston Tea Plantation. Did you know there is only one tea plantation in all of North America? I first thought this may be a boring experience, but instead it was very interesting. Even if you don’t like tea, there is something about being chauffeured through a Southern Plantation, in a trolley cart, that makes you appreciate some Southern Sweet Tea all the more!

After our tea experience, and several tea bag purchases later, we headed over to James Island to eat at the well talked about Bowen’s Island Restaurant. My disclaimer for this establishment would be that you should expect to wait (we were in line for one hour) and do not expect fancy dining at all (think prying open your own oysters and paper plates). But if your group likes a little adventure, hole in the wall restaurants, and good fried or boiled seafood, then this is your place! It also doesn’t hurt that it’s right on the water and everything about it feels laid back and coastal.

Day 2:

USS Yorktown Museum initially, was not top on my list, but I knew my in laws would love it. Once we arrived, I was quickly in awe of how large the ship was in person. I have a new appreciation for the ships that our navy works and lives on. It was quite the experience learning the history, touring the ships and submarine, and taking the time to appreciate my freedom. This is an absolute must see for everyone!

The next activity has become a tradition for my husband and I when traveling to other cities: Food Tours. If you’ve never been on one before, I highly suggest it! This is the absolute best way to experience the food that makes up a culture and to learn the history behind how it came to be. We booked through Charleston Food Tours and our guide did a fantastic job. He was very well educated and delivered the history in a way that was entertaining!

Later that night my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, husband and I went to a phenomenal Mexican restaurant called Minero. They made the best homemade salsa trio with warm homemade tortilla chips. The tacos were street style; my roasted cauliflower taco was so flavorful and tasty, I could have eaten twenty more!

Day 3:

I was the most excited for this day, because to me, this is what I had envisioned whenever I would think of the South: Live oak trees, with Spanish moss hanging low from their twisted and gnarled branches. Serenity and of time standing still in a place where history still lives on. That is exactly what the Middleton Place Plantation embodied. The Plantation was such an awe filled experience for all of us. Not only was the setting breathtaking, but the staff there were so knowledgeable in the way they brought the stories of the owners and the enslaved people to life. I would highly recommend taking the drive out of Charleston to see this beautiful place.

Dinner that evening was at the restaurant Husk. I had read many reviews about this place, and it did not disappoint. Each day the menu changes based on the available ingredients and inspiration of the chef. The food was not only spectacular, but the service was above and beyond. Although the prices were higher, for one fancy dinner out, this should be at the top of your list!

Day 4:

Our final day in Charleston we decided to end it on a Nohre Family Tradition of eating at a Waffle House. This was my first time eating at this restaurant, and the only thing I knew to expect was greasy food and fast service! That is exactly what I received, and more. The staff at this 24 hour joint were very friendly, and made the entire experience fun! You best believe I loaded up on a greasy cheeseburger and hash browns, cooked up on a griddle that has surely seen better days!

Overall, there was a little something for everyone on this trip… from fishing adventures to fancy restaurant eating. We each took away a new appreciation for the low country and all it has to offer. I would absolutely visit this area again!

Gotta Love A Family Trip 🙂



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