Drink up Buttercup!

This is a fun entertaining tip I learned from my boss! You will probably hear me referencing her multiple times throughout my posts, simply because she is a phenomenal hostess.

On a visit to her house one day, I noticed that she had a variety of differently sized glassware. Up until that point, I had only thought drinking glasses, and a few wine glasses were necessary…. boy was I wrong. She had an array of different varieties of glassware, each assigned for different drinks. Now before you click past this, if you’re a non- drinker, still hear me out because this is a lot of fun!

Depending on the drink you’re serving, the event that you’re hosting, or whatever atmosphere you’re trying to create for your event; having the correct glassware really adds a fun touch! So far I’ve acquired 2 different wine glasses and 4 different beer glasses. My intention is to add margarita glasses, copper mugs, and champagne flutes to the mix… think Summer parties and New Year’s Eve!

Now mind you, this sounds like such a small detail. However, having these specific glasses and being able to share with your girlfriends or guests as to what they are actually for, is a fun conversation in and of itself! For instance, when I’m serving a white and red wine, I get to explain (and sound very knowledgeable might I add) that the glasses with the wider opening (larger circumference) are for the red wine so that it can breathe better and so that you can take in the aromas as you sip! Haha okay okay so sometimes I get eye rolls with that, but still, it is fun to talk about! Also, even if you are not hosting an extravagant party or a small get together with your girlfriends, this is still a fun thing to do for yourself. Making a drink or mocktail and serving it up in the right glass, is just fun! So you go girl -have yourself a salt-rimmed margarita from a true margarita glass on taco Tuesday night!

There you have it, having those fun glasses are worth it! Whether you’re filling them with mocktails or cocktails, it still somehow manages to make the drink taste better and make the atmosphere of your event more fun!

Also, side note, I reeallllyyy don’t like to handwash anything. So I definitely put most of my glassware into the dishwasher. The only drawback is you should wipe them down with a towel immediately after, to keep them from getting spots!

So Drink up Buttercup (with the appropriate glass of course)~


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