Intention & Vision Boards

I want to begin by stating that ALL of this information was shared with me during a class taught by Ann Meyers and Rachel Bonin at The Center For The Arts in White Bear Lake, MN. What they taught was so powerful, so useful, and so moving I knew I had to share it with all of you!

The purpose of this class was to take the time to set intentions for ourselves. An intention, they said, was different from a goal, because it is more focused on feelings and direction. Unlike a goal, which can be quantified or qualified, to prove that it was achieved, an intention is the journey to achieving that goal.

The concept of creating a vision board, is to perceive the goal you have in mind, so that you can begin to take the steps necessary to getting to that place. To begin this journey of creating a board, we started by asking ourselves 5 Questions:

1. What pulls your focus in a normal day?

2. What takes priority during your day?

3. What would you like to focus on daily?

4. What would you like your priorities to be?

5. How can you correct what is happening, to be what you want to be happening? What changes would you like to make?

These questions can be tailored to be as specific or as general as you would like. Do you want to focus on the vision of your career? On raising your children? On a season of life? On the next 10 years of your life?

The ladies had a wonderful quote for us to consider as we started to answer these questions of what we want our visions to be:

Where focus goes, energy flows

They then had us go deeper in to what it is we truly want by asking us more thoughtful questions. They also had us write down some of our fears. They said it was important to not deny your fear, but instead name it and acknowledge it. That way you can know your fear and have mastery over how you let it affect your life.

Once we had an idea of what our boards were going to be about, we began searching through tons of magazines. We cut out pictures, words, and quotes; anything that supported our vision or anything that felt right to cut out. It was so fun to see they way our boards all started to come together, and how each board meant something important to the person creating it. The point was not to have a beautiful board, the point was to have a collage of things that made our vision a reality on paper, instead of a loose concept in our heads.

Once our boards were complete (honestly take as much time as you need or as many breaks as you need to make your board what it needs to be) we sat with them for a while, taking in what we had created. To finalize the vision, we wrote the date on the back to remember the day our visions came to life. We then wrote down all the steps we could think of, on how to be intentional in achieving these goals. One thing that resonated with me in doing this last step, was the wording Rachel suggested we use. Let’s say your goal is to be fit and healthy and all of your pictures on your board reflected that. Instead of saying, “I will not eat junk fold” you should be gracious and positive with yourself and say, “why is it so easy to eat healthy foods?” Or “why is it so easy to loose 5lbs?”. By asking these “why is it so easy…” questions, you are making the steps seem simple, attainable, and positive!

I truly had such an amazing and inspiring time doing this activity. It really spoke to my soul and has me pumped up for the future! Obviously life can change and goals can turn out different than you may expect. Nonetheless, this creating positive intentions for oneself, makes such a difference in the trajectory of ones life. It’s such a small step to take, but can have such a wonderful impact on your life!

Happy vision board creating 🙂


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