Hey Little Fishy

This post is somewhat of a stretch, but hear me out! If you don’t already know, I am obsessed with my Betta fish Gill. Okay- maybe obsessed is rather extreme, but truly I do like the little guy.

Maybe you’ve had a fish growing up, or your children have fish, or maybe the concept of housing a fish is completely foreign to you. Nonetheless, I am here to inform you that having a pet fish may just be the thing you need most in your life. Before you assume that I’m crazy šŸ˜œ I hope you take the time to read about my little adventure with Gill so far…

I purchased Gill from a local pet shop 8 months ago (initially as a joke to have one for myself; after buying my father-in-law a fish for his birthday). Two things happened that day: I supported a local business and I saved a very sad looking fish from a life in a plastic bag.

Since bringing Gill home, I have learned an alarming amount of facts about Betta fish! Not only did he turn nearly white after I realized he couldn’t be kept by a drafty window. He has also experienced fin rot from missed bowl cleanings, and we had a scare of swim bladder when he was over fed one weekend. Nonetheless, this little guy just won’t quit, and neither will I. He now has a regulated diet, heater for his tank, and scheduled cleanings to ensure his place stays nice. My internet history has more fish searches than I care to admit, and I admittedly have talked to the fish more than my husband some days. Call me a crazy fish lady, but this experience has taught me a thing or two.

NECESSARY for keeping water temps warm!
Keeps water conditions clean!

First of all, I never thought I could care about something so seemingly insignificant. This fish has been a reminder that all created things have a purpose and value in this world.

When we show respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us. ~ Arapaho

This fish has brought me joy and company on days when Seyver has worked late. Although he is not nearly as interactive as a human or a variety of other pets- he is a living thing and he truly has grown on me.

I think having a fish or plant for that matter, is a good reminder that we need to stop and appreciate creation for what it is – AMAZING! From the most precious to the seemingly insignificant- each of these things has purpose.

I didn’t mean for this post to get overly “preachy” or to make me sound crazy! My intention was to make a point that we should care about all life that is around us. I also encourage you, especially if you rent like we do, and cannot have a furry pet, to buy a fish! Who knows what lessons you might learn from yours.

Thanks for reading all about Gill!



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