Show Off your Snacks!

Does this concept sound weird to you- or no? I love having my snacks out and on hand (healthy snacks that is). This is especially useful in our household because seyver is a HUGE snacking kinda guy! But I’ve also received comments from our guests on what a great idea this is. I think it’s helpful for making others feel at home in your house, because they know they can reach in and grab something to eat without having to ask!

So….Who received fancy glass bowls as wedding gifts 🙋🏻‍♀️ or maybe you’ve inherited some beautiful vintage pieces from family? Either way, why would you let those items sit away behind a cupboard?? I say bring them out! If you don’t have any cool pieces yet, or you want to add some variety to your collection, I suggest homegoods. I stinkin’ love that place- it seriously has my number. The prices can’t be beat, and there are always new finds every time I go! Along with Homegoods, I also love Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Target, and Walmart- each of these places have tons of options for finding great pieces to use for displaying your snacks!

Once you’ve selected your array of serving pieces (bowls, canisters, jars, etc..) you need to pick a spot or the spots around your house to display them. Some important points to consider are making sure the snacks are out of direct sunlight, in an area where people will see them, and positioned in a way that they are easy to access! Along with these points, also think through how accessible your containers are. Is it easy to see what is inside or is it labeled clearly? Can you reach in easily or dump out easily? Are you worried about germs with this snack- make sure to include a spoon or tongs!

And speaking of snacks- what is it that you’re going to put out for all of us?? I love to put out things that I know can sit out for a while: nuts, dried fruit, sometimes fresh fruit like oranges, trail mixes, etc.

XMy co-worker Jill once said, “you’ll grab the snacks that you have prepared”. This is my simple way of “preparing” healthy snacks- or at least presenting them in a way that’s appealing 🍊 and it’s also my way of making use of the things I have. It makes me happy to put out my beautiful serving pieces and decorate a little snack vignette!!

Extra-Tip: sometimes I put out snacks to intentionally coordinate with my decor. I’ve done oranges to contrast with my blue pillows and give the room a pop! Or I’ve kept things neutral, with dried fruits and nuts, while my gray pillows were out. So just think to yourself- What foods could you set out to match your room decor?

Happy decorating and happy snacking 🙂



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