Clean your Sheets!

I was chatting with my mom about this topic, since she is the queen of clean: Really any of my posts about cleaning, I definitely refer to my mom’s knowledge on. And with all this Spring Freshness in the air, all I want to do Spring Clean my house right now! This topic in particular, really makes a difference in my room in more ways than one….

So, the big question, how often should you be washing your sheets?

When I say sheets, I’m referring to the fitted sheet, loose sheet, and pillow cases. This also can include your duvet cover and any additional blankets you use as well, but it is not as necessary to wash them as frequently (basically, if your directly touching it though- you should be washing it).

According to my mom (and many of her cleaning clients), and supported by myself – we say wash your sheets once a week! For anyone who is shocked by that, just hear me out. Here are a few reasons why this makes sense. First of all, who doesn’t love the smell of clean bedding? There is nothing better than a hot shower at night, and climbing into a clean bed. Something about the smell and feel of a clean, just made bed, is the absolute best! Secondly, can we talk about all the dead skin cells that accumulate over a week? I know this is gross to think about, but how gross would it be to wear the same outfit for a week without washing it? Same rules apply ladies – just think about that 🙂 Furthermore, you can look up all the lovely scientific facts about how gross bedding can really get (I hope I’m convincing enough so that I can spare you the dirty details)! Lastly, it’s a simple and easy way to spruce up the room and add some freshness to it. I already alluded to the feeling of clean sheets being a bonus, but really think about the shift in the entire room that comes along with freshly washed bedding.

I know some of you may be thinking how realistic is this? Well, simply pick one night during the week that you know you can devote to this task. If the evening just doesn’t work with your schedule, pick a weekend day. If that still doesn’t work for you, set your washer to a delay start, and have the load ready for the dryer by the time you get home from work! Whatever schedule works for you, just get started, and make this a new habit.

I truly think you will notice a difference, and you will like this new routine.

Tip: This is a lot of washing that you’re putting your sheets through! You would be best off using a mild, natural, skin-safe detergent and dryer sheets. Even gentler, and better than dryer sheets, are dryer wool balls. I’ve recently been trying them out, and I really do like them. I add a few drops of essential oil to mine, because I do miss the smell of dryer sheets. However, I know that these are much better for your bedding, and lack the chemicals that get left behind from dryer sheets: making them a nice natural alternative!

So there you have it! I hope this simple act will help make your home feel Spring ready! Between my momma and me: we agree, clean those sheets once a week!




  1. I am so guilty of not washing my sheets often enough! By the time I remember I need to do it, I am usually already in bed but I do shower at night which makes my mind feel a little bit better about not washing them quite so often. I am going to try to make it a habit though to wash them more often so thank you for the reminder Rachel!

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