How to Make Space for New Clothes

It’s that time of year to start changing up my wardrobe. Thanks to Marie Kondo, I’ve got an easier catch phrase to help me in cleaning out my closets: “Does it spark joy?” Good question Marie!

Luckily, I was also raised by a mother who was also good at keeping her home decluttered. The rule was…

“If you bring something new in, you have to take something out”

This is good advice when it comes to going through my wardrobe: It helps me keep it from getting over stuffed with unused clothing. For me it is very obvious what I want to buy for this season and add to my closet; but what I also need to know, is what in my closet I no longer want and should take out. Because let’s be honest, real estate in my closet is at a premium – it’s big, but not that big! Besides that, it doesn’t make sense to hold on to things I don’t wear or have grown out of liking. It’s time for those items to make their way to goodwill or another donation center where they can actually be used by someone else.

I recently listened to a podcast by Stephanie May Wilson on Girls Night where her guest talked about cleaning out her closets, and I loved what she brought up: As women, we sometimes feel guilty about getting rid of clothes (especially never worn or lightly worn items) because we feel wasteful. However, the act of being wasteful was when you bought it, not now that you are giving it away! She encouraged women to learn from the situation and be more intentional in what they purchase from the start. This honestly was such a freeing lesson for me; it truly gave me the permission I was looking for to let go of some items.

So as I assess my current clothing options, I am asking myself the following 3 questions (listed in order of importance):

1. Have I worn the item at least two-three times in the past year (dresses purchased for weddings are the only exception!)

2. Is the item still in good shape (it might be time to say goodbye to my favorite jeans that unfortunately were washed with a chapstick in the pocket!)

3. Does this fit my style/ Do I even like this item anymore? (I am transitioning from 20 to 30 as I will be turning 27 this summer… so some of these items just are not working for me anymore!)

For me, these questions give me helpful and realistic guidelines for determining what I should and should not keep. This is what ultimately helps me create open space in my closet for new items! Furthermore, I can use a modified version of those questions as I go to make my new purchases:

1. Is this piece practical, and will I wear it often? (at least often enough to justify what I will be paying for it)

2. Is this a quality piece or fast fashion? (I am always in the camp of quality over quantity)

3. Do I just like the idea of it, or do I like myself in it? (Am I really going to wear those adorable 3 inch heels to work… probably not!)

I hope this post gives you some good advice and encouragement as you go forth and conquer your own closets! Also, I would love to hear any tips you have for going through and decluttering your closets!



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