A Quick Guide to Simple Flower Arrangements

I love having fresh flowers around my home- especially with Spring approaching! But I totally get the argument that they die quickly, and that’s why it’s not always worth spending a ton of money on them. However, with places like Trader Joe’s, Sams Club, and Walmart you can actually buy some decent flowers at a super reasonable price. The trick is taking a little time to put together a beautiful arrangement!

I’m going to give you a breakdown of some easy pointers to help you put together a lovely Spring arrangement for your home!

1. Have a color scheme in mind when you go to buy… White & Green, Warm Tones, Spring Colors…. whatever your inspiration is: define it and stick to it. Otherwise you might get lost in all the colors! Sometimes when only mixed bouquets are available, you may end up putting a few flowers in a separate arrangement in another room- and that’s okay!

2. Lay out all of your flowers, and start to determine which ones you want to stand the tallest, the lowest, and which ones are fillers… in this case my Lily’s will be tallest, tulips are fillers, and daisies will take up the bottom (This doesn’t have to be set in stone, once they are all in the vase you can raise and lower as you see fit)

3. I like to position my vase on the edge of a counter so I can visualize where I’m going to make the cuts in my stems (again how high or low I want the flower to be in the arrangement).

4. When placing the flowers in my vase, I like to remove the leaves that are below the top of the vase (the ones that would be submerged in the water). This gives the arrangement a cleaner look, and allows for less mold to grow in the water.

5. From there it’s all about visual appeal! I tend to go for a voluminous look that is rather proportional all around. Depending on the flowers/vase you have chosen though, it might make more sense to create a different look: cascading, asymmetrical, whispy, dramatic height differences, etc…

Speaking of vases… I love using unique glassware for mine (glass milk bottles, soda bottles, drink pitchers…) I found some good finds on amazon that would totally be up my alley:

I truly cannot wait for farmers markets and wild flowers to come into season- those always provide the best flowers for making gorgeous arrangements. But in the meantime- these grocery store finds make lovely displays themselves! I hope this guide helps you in putting together beautiful bouquets in your home 🙂



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