Spring Cleaning For a Rental Property

Since I don’t technically own the place I’m living in, the good news is I’m not responsible for all of the maintenance! However, I still want it looking and feeling clean… That’s why I’ve compiled a list of all the things that will give my home that fresh feeling we all crave around Spring Time! This is not an exhaustive cleaning list; it only covers the things I don’t typically do during my routine cleaning. However, I think it’s a very practical list that anyone could complete in a weekend, or over the course of a few weeknights. I completely understand the difficulty of trying to keep up on your home while also maintaining a 9-5 scheduled!

So, to kick us off… here is my complete checklist for Spring Cleaning. I have my mother, some life experience, and the internet to thank for this knowledge! Also, as you read through you’ll notice I have a few items that I will definitely go into more detail on below…

Alright, now for the details on some of those items…

1. Deodorizing Carpets, Rugs, Fabric Furniture:

Use Baking Soda & Essential Oil. Simply mix a few drops of essential oil into a cup of baking soda and dash around (I like to use these shaker bottles pictured below) your flooring and fabric furniture to take away any unwanted smells! Let it sit for 5-10min and vacuum it up after it’s sat. I love using a blend of tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil for a fresh smell and natural clean (click on images below to purchase the brand I like to use).

2. Cleaning Your Stove:

Hopefully your oven has a self clean function, that makes it super easy. Either way though, you should read your manual or look up online exactly what products are safe to use on your model. However, what I wanted to mention is that…

Did you know- you can/should pull your oven out from the wall and clean underneath? As a property manager, I cannot begin to tell you how often this gets missed by tenants. Yes- it is a thing that you should do! All you have to do is open the oven door slightly, lift up from the inside & front, and carefully pull away from the wall. Be VERY careful not to scratch the floor while doing this. But seriously, this is super important to do for safety, and will help you save on your security deposit return 🙂 (same applies for your refrigerator as well)!

3. Deodorize Sink Drains:

Because I prefer more natural solutions, vinegar really is the best option! It is rather pungent, but it does the job. Simply warm up a few cups in the microwave, and pour down the drain. This will help dislodge clogged particles, and will deodorize the pipes.

4. Cleaning Your Washer Machine

This one I’m slightly skeptical on since I haven’t officially tried it myself. However, a lot of articles say using lemonade Kool-aid is a great way to dislodge build up and deodorizer your washer machine. I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance this weekend to give it a try!

As for the dryer, just make sure the lint trap and surrounding area is free of all debris. My mother-in-law is adamant on how important this is. Those dryers can get very hot, and you wouldn’t want a build up of lint to catch on fire.

So there you have it…my guide to sprucing up your unit! Again, this is a simple overview of the things you probably don’t do on a regular basis, but are so good to do around this Spring Clean Up time. Let me know if there are other things you like to make sure and catch around this time of year as well- I would love to hear anymore suggestions as I get started tackling my list this weekend!

Happy Cleaning!!


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