A Simple Guide to Organizing a Pantry Closet

Although I have no formal training in organizing (if that even is a thing), I can say I’m good at it! Therefore, I thought I would put together a simple guide on “How to Organize a Pantry Closet”. Mostly I did this because it was about time that I get mine in to order!

Just to prove how horrible mine had gotten, take a look at the photo below:

I know, pretty awful right. Well, not for long.

The first step is to clear out EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. Trust me, there were some items I didn’t want to bother with, but they needed to come out. The only exception I made were a few larger kitchen appliances that I know don’t fit anywhere else; Those were allowed to stay in their spots (plus they are on the very top shelves, and do not come in the way of my daily routine).

As I was clearing everything out, I consciously made groupings of similar items; as you can see in the following picture:

I paired together all my snacks, pasta noodles/grains, baking goods, paper products, canned goods, spices, etc. Don’t over think this part. It is best to group as you go, and put things together in a very basic way. I wouldn’t suggest getting overly specific about the groups, so that you keep it simple for anyone going to search for things in your pantry.

Once everything is out, and the groups are made, its time to plan out your storage tactic! I made a list of all my groups, and determined how many baskets I would need, any canisters I would need for storage, how many spices I would need to find storage for, and so on… check out my list here:

Luckily Amazon is a gold mine for all things storage, and I can search for exactly what I need. This came in handy for finding the exact basket sizes that I needed. I’ve included links to all of my purchases:

Great Storage Baskets (easy to clean)

Awesome Clear Canisters to hold baking goods!

Loving this adjustable spice rack – genius! My supply is always changing.

Once my items from Amazon arrived I got right to work on putting things away. I made sure to toss out any expired items as I went along. I was very impressed at what $90 and a couple hours did to my pantry closet. Seriously, I feel so satisfied now that everything in my pantry has a home. This was such a simple fix, and I’m so glad I took the time to do it!


Let me know, in the comments, if you need any pointers or have any questions! Also I would love to see your before and after- so please please please share! Any tips as well would be great, I would love to pass them along to others 🙂

Happy organizing ladies!




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