Hello Friends!

Honestly, I’ve written this introduction at least 3 different times. I wanted to be so intentional about defining what I want this all to really be about, and now I think I’ve finally been able to do so…

For starters, I don’t think I’m the only girl out there who gushes over JoAnna Gaines’ style or Martha Stewart’s craftiness. I think plenty of us look up to women like them and are amazed at how beautifully they cultivate their homes or how extravagantly curated their parties are. I also love gaining inspiration from beautifully curated home magazines, or delicious looking Instagram recipes. These inspirations help me to appreciate the art of making a home feel cozy, or the fun in making a well crafted meal; it also helps me to slow down and see the blessing of having good food! I also enjoy reading my many email blasts filled with various content including tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful home and meaningful life. I love finding new ways to simplify my life, and appreciate all the little things. These small concepts are not crazy difficult or world changing by any means, yet they bring me so much joy.

From the beautifully curated table display, to the simple act of organizing a drawer. These seemingly unimportant concepts actually play a huge role in intentionally making your space cozy and safe. It helps make a space for friends to share a nice meal around, as well as a space that’s efficient and gives you more time to spend with the people you love.

I think the reason I love “homemaking” is because it plays into my love language, which is quality time. That beautiful table scape that is created, now becomes the setting for a intimate gathering between friends. Those organized drawers eliminate the chaos of trying to find that always misplaced item. To me these are the little things that really matter and make a difference in my day to day life!

That’s why this is exactly what I’m going to be all about on here; sharing what creates joy in my life. I love homemaking, taking time for self-care, and beautifully simple things. Even though I work full-time outside the home, these are little ways in which I can treat myself to the things I love. I want to share all the intentional things I do to create joy- many of these things I picked up from watching JoAnna & Martha, friends & family, podcasts, emails, clients, and more. I love this stuff and I can’t wait to share all of this research I’ve gathered, and the things I’ve created with you. Hopefully this inspires you to find the time to be intentional about the joy in your life as well (in whatever way that looks like for you)!

At the end of the day, everyday should be a reason to celebrate something. I hope I bring you plenty of inspiration, positive vibes, and reasons to notice and create joy for yourselves!



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