Travel Mementos

Whenever I get to take a trip, one of my top missions is to find my memento. I’m always on the look out for that one or few things that I can take back with me, to help me remember my experience. I like it to be something that I can easily put on display in my home, without creating too much clutter.

Although the photos that I take throughout the trip are fun to have, they tend to get lost on my computer (or nowadays the ☁️ cloud) and I forget about them overtime. This is why I think a memento is so important to have. It becomes an easy reminder of the fun and joy that always goes along with travel 🙂

On our most recent trip to New Orleans I found the perfect memento! It was during our last day when I finally came upon it. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, there was a little pop of tent filled with a local photographer’s work. After scouring through countless prints, it came down to making a decision between three images. With Seyver’s help, we finally decided on the picture below.

As you can see I took to Instagram to get some input on how to frame this beautiful piece!

I’m so glad we found this image: it is the perfect reminder of such a fun trip together. It has now been proudly hung in our dining room area. I plan to glance at it from time to time, whenever I might need a little pick me up!

I’m curious if anyone else collects travel mementos? If you do, I would love to know what you are always on the search for. I have it in my head that photography pieces might just be my new go to. I think it would be so neat and inspiring to have a wall filled with travel artwork and countless stories!


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