Yay for Valentines Day!

I had a friend who LOVED Valentine’s Day! She loved everything pink, all the feels surrounding the day, and the opportunity to share how much she loved the people in her life. Isn’t that an amazing perspective on the day?

It’s easy to write this day off as just another commercialized holiday. A day where the flower industry gouges the wallets of good intentioned lovers/ friends, and a day where the candy industry makes a good portion of their sales. It’s also a day where restaurants try to overbook and get away with sub-par service towards their guests (but hey good for these people it’s a great money making day). Nonetheless, that all sounds pretty awful if I look at it that way…

So this is when creating joy needs to happen! I’ve chosen to love this day and I’m absolutely looking forward to it! Here are some of the steps I’m taking to make it a great day:)

1. Book a restaurant! To make the wait or potentially poor service easier to handle, I’ve invited two other couples (who are really good friends) to join us. We also picked a low key place that is far away from the busy city (Hudson, WI). Each of these elements are sure to make for a fun time (a little wine also helps set the mood;)

2. Pick an outfit! A fun thing about being a girl is getting dressed up! This is datenight so I’m getting pumped about it! I’ve got my outfit set and ideas about what I want my hair and makeup to be for the evening. I made sure to include a pop of red in spirit of the day❤️

3. Gifts Gifts Gifts! No need to break the bank here, and it’s better if you think creatively instead of commercially. Instead of the typical chocolate and flowers, I picked up a couple of red polishes for the ladies who will be joining us! I will be seeing them both at work the day before, so I want to gift it to them then – how fun it’ll be to all have matching nails 🙂

I’m still considering what to give my parents… for them I may take a trip to a local chocolate store (Saint Croix Chocolate Co) simply because the chocolates are so beautiful and decadent! Furthermore, I have no hesitations in supporting a local business no matter the cost or time of year!

Along with these fun gifts should always come a card. This is where I appreciate my friend’s view on sharing the love on this day. I sometimes forget to use my words of affirmation and I forget to tell friends and family how much they mean to me. Valentine’s Day is such a great reminder to do just that!

Overall, I can’t wait for the day to come! It’s such a great excuse to do all the things I mentioned:) such a little blessing to have this day!

XOXO~ Rachel Nohre

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