Throw a Tea Party

Having friends who love tea parties and crafts is a little blessing! My very best friend Christina celebrated her 26th birthday on February 5th this year. To help make this occasion even more special, I threw her a tea party/crafting party (mostly because these are the very two things she loves)!

This was the perfect party to have on a chilly Saturday. I think we all felt a little cozier and happier sipping tea, eating good food, and spending a fun afternoon together. Take a look at the lovely elements that made this party so special and so fun 🙂


For starters, I asked my mom if she could pull out my china that my Grandma gifted to me. I absolutely am in love with the simplicity of it! It’s so darling, I just want to use it for everything. After seeing this set after years of being in storage, I decided to theme everything else involved with the party around this design. That meant plenty of flowers, tons of pink, and everything dainty/elegant.

Bring on the pink carnations… This was such a simple, easy, and affordable bouquet to put together. Trader Joe’s is my go-to every time. They have inexpensive flowers that last 5-7 days hands down! I spent $14 total on 2 bouquets that looked just like this one pictured here. It was so easy to throw these wispy flowers effortlessly into a simple glass vase and call it a day!

Not pictured is the food… Darn! I will get better at taking more pictures for you guys 🙂 I made 2 different tea sandwiches: chicken salad and cucumber.

Chicken Salad: Grapes, Celery, Slivered Almonds, Mayo, Shredded Chicken on a croissant

Cucumber: (The Spread was…Cream Cheese, Scoop of Mayo, Spoonful of Dry Ranch Dressing mixed) Layer this spread and fresh cucumber slices in between nutty whole wheat bread slices (cut off the edges & cut into triangle pieces) YUMMY!

I decided last minute to make a pink lemonade in case the other ladies weren’t into tea. I used up what I had on hand, and it turned out GREAT! I simply mixed a liter of Sprite with a cup of Country Time pink lemonade mix… added slices of grapefruit (squeezing the juice from some of the slices into the drink) this made for a fruity, fizzy, pink drink.

**Something to note: Presentation is everything… What I made was basic. But I made sure to serve it up on white platters that I garnished with grapes and cucumbers. I also served my pink drink in a beautiful glass pitcher. Easy and effortless, but made it all so much better 🙂 It’s fun to be fancy at a tea party!

Next, I prepared the craft table. I purchased all my supplies from hobby lobby since their prices can’t be beat! All I needed were tiny fake flowers, elastic headbands, scissors, and hot glue guns.

Okay… Stinkin’ adorable are they not? Seriously these were so fun and easy to make! I love how different each one turned out despite the fact we only had a few different types of flowers to work with. This is why I love creativity -it is endless!

I seriously cannot think of a better way to have spent my Saturday. It is such a blessing to have these wonderful women in my life. We have all been friends since Middle School and it is absolutely amazing that we have managed to still make time for each other during this busy season of life. I love knowing that these are the friends that are here to stay. So glad to have taken the time to Throw A Tea Party today!

(compliments to my hubby for taking the picture -and the many pictures before we decided on this one haha)

XOXO~Rachel Nohre

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.23.23 PM

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